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Services that can be performed by a Professional Tax Consultant include:

  • We are registered with SARS as a practitioner in terms of the new Tax Administration Act.
  • Member of Southern African Institute for Business Accounting . ( SAIBA)
  • Also a member of South African Institute of Tax Professionals. (SAIT)

Tax Consultants is specialist in dealing with Taxes, whether in the form of managing and resolving SARS debt, assisting with audits, lodging objections and appeals, or just the everyday revenue needs of businesses and individuals.

  • Professional preparations and submissions to SARS .
  • Individual and company returns.
  • Income, Payroll Taxes & VAT
  • Reminders regarding Tax alerts. 
  • Fast and reliable service.
  • Ongoing SARS support.


What is a tax consultant or advisor ?

A Tax consultant is hired by both businesses and individuals to assist in preparing and filing tax returns and financial documents.

A Consultant is well-educated about the current legal requirements for various forms and understands the steps necessary to submit the information correctly the first time and is usually found in an accounting firm or as an independent entity. Additionally, a consultant is well-versed about various allowances, grants and deductible expenses which can save businesses thousands yearly.

In conclusion we manage all related areas of Finance with regards to Taxation revenue issues and queries.Ensuring compliance with revenue laws and ensuring the timely submission of your Returns.

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